These heat shields will hold up much better than the OEM hood pad, keep the exterior of the hood cool and will not reflect engine heat back down toward your intake.

-Cut to perfectly fit the 928
-Includes two-piece hood liner (no decals) and installation instructions
-Decals are optional and sold separately here.
-Very limited quantities remaining

Made of 1/4 inch (6.5mm) nitrile vinyl closed cell foam rubber, these hood liners will not absorb water or oil. Since the material is made for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads and is FAA approved for aircraft, it is extremely light, about 11 ounces on average, are fire retardant and insulate against sound and heat.

You can wash the liner and simply hose it off and unlike the factory liner will not absorb water and resists mildew. Liners are available only in black. 

-Fire Retardant
-Rot Resistant
-Mildew Resistant
-Sound Insulator
-Heat Insulator
-Oil Resistant
-Chemical Resistant

The liners have a closed cell texture on one side and a smooth finish on the other. Most liners are symmetrical and can be mounted with either side facing the engine.  Easily installs with spray adhesive (such as 3M80, 3M8090, 3M90....do not use 3M77) available at most hardware stores.