Transmission Kickdown, Relay Shift Control

Launch from first gear, push to pass, transmission kickdown swithr, all at your command with the GTRSS kit.

In the final year of production, Porsche added a little transmission program to make the 928 more "sporting". Now we've developed an integrated kit that operates in the same way, but with the driver (you) in control. 

Fully compatible with stock and Jager shifters, the GTRSS system uses the shifter button to operate in parallel with the transmission kickdown switch. By depressing the button of your T-handle or TIP shifter, a relay engages to activate the transmission kickdown solenoid.

The transmission kickdown solenoid delivers a more aggressive shift profile allowing a launch from 1st gear, delayed upshifts to stay in peak power range, or a highway kickdown for "push to pass" function when you need to clear traffic.

In order to function optimally, the transmission cables need to be adjusted correctly and sufficient throttle input must be available to the transmission for best results.

The GTRSS kits comes complete with electrical parts, wiring harness, hardware and instructions. Installs in about 1 to 1.5 hours.