Many 928 owners  are faced with worn, cracked and faded dash PODs.  Often this damage comes from the hot sun, humidity and temperature changes.

To protect your POD from further damage an easy solution is to cover the area with our all leather dash blanket. The blanket is cut and sewn to fit perfectly over the POD area. When installed properly, using the included velcro, the blanket fits tightly and smoothly over the POD. 

-Stitched to fit the curves of the POD
-Simply lays on top of the POD (no POD removal is necessary)
-Gently heat cover, stretch to fit and adhere to POD
-Uses industrial velcro (industry standard)
-Semi-permanent installation
-Beautiful, durable and classy
-The use of leather cream will keep this product supple and beautiful for years
-LHD and RHD available

Note: POD blankets look creased and wrinkled in photos because they were photographed on a flat surface.  The POD blankets are cut and stitched to fit over the domed shape of the POD. Once installed properly, the POD blanket will look smooth and tight.

This item is for the POD blanket only.  Dash blanket is available separately here.