Upgrade your door sills with these laser cut 928 door sill badges which fit perfectly into the recesses of your plastic door sills.
You'll be pleasantly surprised about how this quick-to-install product can make such a difference. The results are truly amazing.


For the 'G-T-S' door sill lettering: please click here.

-Laser cut
-3M backing tape - industrial quality, forms a very strong surface bond, will not be affected by temperature and humidity fluctuations
-Non-epoxy polygamy urethane top coat
-Will not yellow or fade
-Can be washed and waxed along with your car

Set includes one pair.

The use of an adhesion promoter is highly recommended and advisable to maximize the effectiveness of the adhesion.

One individual use packet is included which is acceptable for small areas.  Alternatively you can purchase your adhesion promoter from Amazon, 3M or auto/marine accessory web stores.
We carry individual packets of 3M Adhesion Promoter 06396 and 3M Adhesion Promoter 4298 (both are used in the same manner and have similar results), but customers have had success with other non-3M brand adhesion promoter products. We do not recommend the sprays.