1. If your defog vent is broken, warped or cracked to the the point where you require a new defog vent...
2. Or if you are getting your dash reupholstered with new leather or vinyl...

...then this one piece all metal defog vent trim might be what you need.

Fits into the recessed area surrounding the defroster holes, keeps the leather or vinyl in place, covers the perimeter of the holes and is held down by six threaded studs on the underside.

-Cold rolled steel (.060" thick) - unfinished
-Six welded 1/4 20 x 3/4 inch studs
-Includes bolts
-Flat unfinished top surface
-Can be spray painted or powder coated

-Can be covered with our beautiful defog vent covers (click here).

Note 1:  In order to install this one piece replacement vent trim, the dash must be removed from the car as the studs are on the underside of the dash.

Note 2: Plain rolled steel - should be painted, powder coated or wrapped in palstic for best finish.

944  (85.5-95)
968  (92-95)