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This bundle includes a beautiful hand crafted handle leather shift boot and a shift plate cover.
Easy installation.

Full leather shift boot:
For use with aftermarket shifters.

Replace the stock rubber accordion boot and cover the black plastic shift plate with a rich all leather boot.
Made from high quality European leather.

Important:  Boot has a roll down collar and is made to be used with Garage9 shifters or T-Handles or any other brand of aftermarket shifters.


Shift Plate Cover:

Our shift plate covers are custom manufactured and designed for use with a full boot or short boot.
The cover fits over top of the existing shift plate - there is no need to remove the original plate.
Can be used with your original shifter or any aftermarket shifter.

Gear indication decals in Black, Silver or Gold included

-CAD designed
-Laser precision cut
-1/8" thick (this product is not a paper thin decal)
-Can be washed and waxed with the rest of your car
-Non-yellowing, will not harden and crack
-Durable polygem urethane finish
-Many colours and materials to choose from.
-Will handle temperature fluctuations as well as direct sun