Cover those cracked plastic defog vents with our beautiful smooth defog vent covers.
Two-piece flexible defog vent covers are installed over your existing vents, hiding all the cracks in one super easy installation.

-CAD designed-Laser precision cut
-1/8" thick (this product is not a paper thin decal)
-Can be washed and waxed with the rest of your car
-Non-yellowing, will not harden and crack
-Durable polygem urethane finish
-Many colours and materials to choose from.
-Will handle temperature fluctuations as well as direct sun

If your defog vent is broken, warped or cracked to the the point where you require a new defog vent trim, then have a look at our one-piece unfinished rolled steel vent trim.  This product is meant to replace your broken vent trim.  
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Add optional adhesive promoter individual packets (2) - Highly recommended to maximize the effectiveness of the adhesion.