USA Made Spectropile Polyester.
**** Available in Beige, Black or Navy ONLY ****
Kit Includes: Carpet pieces to replace all carpet pieces inside car including the rear hatch floor, door bottoms, rear seat backs, tool box, etc....wherever there was originally carpet, this kit will include the replacement pieces.

928  78-95

Professional installation is highly recommended for a factory finish look.

This is for the small amp cars, which correlates with the punched grid door speakers. 

Spectropile is a resilient material. Easy to clean, doesn't pill up when it gets dirty like Sliverknit. It does have a bit of a plastic feel to it though, and most importantly, doesn't come in OEM colors. Some colors are generally close (dark blue Spectropile looks good in a car that came with dark blue Sliverknit) but keep in mind it is not meant to be a colour match to the original carpet.

Backing: A modern rubberized backing is used. It is a grippy rubber that has less chance of sliding around, and it's a bit lighter too. Note that the backing is applied only on the floor carpets of the car.

Binding: Vinyl binding is what was usually OEM. It's a durable option with no real downside. 

Use the drop down menu to choose the correct version.

Lead time on carpets is 4-6 weeks. 

Important: If your shipping address is located outside of the USA and Canada please contact us for an exact shipping 
surcharge. International shipping surcharge listed here is a guesstimate only and will vary widely according to final destination.