Out of Stock until mid-March 2022.

928 SPPEDMOUNT - say goodbye to engine vibrations!

Hundreds shipped worldwide and a perfect track record. An easy solution to the vibration and harshness caused by squashed mounts in '83 and newer  cars. The SpeedMount does not repair or replace your broken motor mounts, it will however significantly reduce the vibrations giving you a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride. 

Our SpeedMount is also highly recommended if you are going to be storing your car.  Why let the engine sit on the mounts for weeks or months at a time, install our SpeedMount and give your engine mounts a break!

Even if you 928 does not have broken mounts, you will notice a decrease in vibrations with the Garage9.com SpeedMount...a nicer smoother ride for you and your passengers!
A simple 20 minute installation, in between crossmember and oil pan. Reduces failed motor mount vibrations substantially. Design uses engine heat to restore that grumbly 928 into addictively smooth power-on-demand. Molded to the lower crossmember and engine pan surface with a specially selected industrial grade urethane. The new molded material reduces vibration even at lower temperatures. 

" what a difference! It took about 10 minutes to install, ....... The difference is very noticeable.... a very useful product that is sorely needed to help combat the high cost of replacement parts on our beloved sharks!....if anyone wants to hear about it send them my way, I'll sing the praises" Update: "It looks like the day you sent it to me. Works great!"  -Jim Clarida 86.5 Shark, Over 20,000 Miles with the Speedmount

" I received the order and installed the vibration damper on my 928 GTS last night. On the second Tuesday of every month, the Porsche Club of Vancouver takes a "spirited" drive from West Van to Porteau Cove and then off for a breakfast. Well today (6:00 am) I  took my newly dampened GTS out and what an improvement your rubber damper made.!!"    -J. Milbourne

"all arrived fine, have installed, and engine rocks again!
Installing took me (newbie) 15 minutes, including jacking both sides up, and figuring out what a cross-member is :-)"
   -P. Lunow

"I installed your Shark Speed Mount on my 1991 928 S4 this weekend while doing spring maintainance. My motor mounts had sagged about half way and I was getting significant vibration throughout the car. Once your Speed Mount was installed, it's like the car is brand new. All vibration at idle and at speed is gone or significantly reduced. I am impressed with the results. Great product! Cheap fix for an expensive repair!!"  - C. McGee

Note: Installation and use of this product is solely the responsibilty and discretion of the person purchasing it. Due to the self installation nature of this product, no warranty is given or implied.