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Save 15% by purchasing your bearing and sleeve together.
Includes one bearing (25mm or 28mm) and one bearing sleeve (25mm or 28mm).

Bearing Sleeve:

Our Garage9 bearing sleeves replace the factory parts that are prone to damage and wear. 
Garage9 exclusive bearing sleeves snaps into place and are made from DuPont™ Delrin® acetal homo-polymer resin is a highly-crystalline engineering thermoplastic.
This material combines low friction and high wear resistance along with the stiffness and strength required from a bearing sleeve. The operating temperature range is -40C to 120C.

CNC to precision tolerance.

Torque Tube Bearing:
Most automatics require 2 torque tube bearings.
Manual transmissions require 3-4 bearings depending on the model.
Please check your vehicle carefully to determine what you require.