Porsche 944 or 968 Upper Dash Leather (or vinyl) Fitted Re-Upholstery Kit
(with or without air bag)

944 (85.5 - 91)
968 (92-95)

This is a Do-It-Yourself kit and only includes the upholstery NOT the dash unit.

This product is a fitted leather dash cover which is meant to re-upholster your existing cracked or damaged dash.  Some degree of experience working with upholstery is necessary (otherwise we highly suggest using a local automotive or furniture upholstery company).

-leather upholstery in colour of your choice
-foam underlayment
-defroster trim piece 

French Seam Option:
-French seam around the gauge cluster (available for models with or without air bag)
-French seam straight across the dash (available for model with no air bag only)

This is a tailored covering for the panel or part only and does not include the panel or part. These coverings should be installed by an experienced DIY handyman, professional automotive interior trimmer or automotive upholsterer. 

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