For the 928 model years 78-82 or 83-88.

No word for it other than Gorgeous!

Increase gauge readability, correct dull lighting and long lasting LEDs.

This kit includes 3 triangular wedges (with integrated LEDs) which replace the worn optical lens and incandescent bulbs.
The results are stunning - the LEDs have a long life, are high output and produce low heat.
You'll find yourself looking for excuses to go out at night for a drive in your 928 just to see the light show!
The pure wavelength of this LED light frequency is easier on the eyes, modern and very satisfying.

IMPORTANT:  Compared to the original bulbs, LEDs are brighter!!  
Due to the very low voltage of the LEDs, the stock dimmer control will not dim the lights noticeably. For most customers this is exactly what they want but for some customers who prefer low lighting it is highly suggested to also purchase the dimmer potentiometer.  

"I installed the replacement red LED gauge lights you sent me today and they look great."  Robert K.

"I have bought some items from you and very impressed. Dash light LED FABULOUS."  Claude T. (78 928)

Note: Each LED upgrade kit is tested prior to packaging. Installation and use of this kit is solely the responsibility and discretion of the person installing the kit. Due to the self installation nature of this product, no warranty is given or implied.